Here at Berks Foot & Ankle Surgical Associates we are proud to provide services for fracture treatment and management. A bone fracture is usually treated with a cast and/or splint which will immobilize the bone (keep it from moving) in order to encourage the bones to align (straighten) and to prevent use of the bone. In cases where the affected bone is small (ie. toes), no cast is needed and the fracture is immobilized by wrapping. Medication may also be prescribed to ease the pain associated with the fracture.

Traction may also be used to stabilize and realign fractures before surgery. On occasion, our physicians may need to realign the fracture manually prior to casting/splinting.

If a fracture is bad enough, the patient may need surgery. All physicians at Berks Foot and Ankle are surgically trained and qualified to treat surgical cases. Our team is well versed in fracture management and has extensive experience in utilizing internal and external rods, pins, plates, and screws in order to correctly align fractures.

For more information about our services or to schedule an appointment, contact us today at (610) 796-9522 (Shillington) or (610) 562-4999 (Hamburg)!